Thursday, April 7, 2005

AValive is Expanding to New Markets

AValive announced today that they are expanding to new markets in the United States. Frank Fugazi, COO, said "We have been testing the waters the past 6 months and with the decline of dedicated VARs and Resellers in the Broadcast and AV Markets, we feel that we are focusing on some highly serviceable areas."
AValive began their expansion out of NC/SC by opening their West Palm Beach Service Center in 2004, and have proven very successful in servicing both Video Professionals and Corporate AV Customers in and around South Florida as well as the Orlando area.
AValive is committed to sales and services in the following new markets: Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding cities; Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding cities; Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC; as well as Los Angles and Hollywood, California.
Customers can expect the same great service and excellent prices found on AValive.com along with manufacturer certified installers, trainers and service professionals for both pre- and post-sale support.

For more information, please call the city nearest you, or toll free 1-877-387-5464.

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