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FAQ's On BlackMagic Design Intensity

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Hey all,
There have been a few questions that seem to be repeating themselves several
times about the HDMI capabilities of the new Intensity and Decklink HD
Studio cards. To help clear up some confusions I'd like to just clarify two
of the most common questions.

Q. Can I copy my "Hollywood Movies" -like HD DVD, Blu-Ray, or even DVDs- by
capturing via HDMI.

A. NO! We do not allow you to capture copy protected footage!

HDMI uses a copy protection form known as HDCP. Many new devices that are
built with HDCP are generally 'HDCP Compliant' which means they support this
copy protection format.

Our products RESPECT HDCP, which means they will not allow you to capture
protected footage.

So, for example, a customer might call saying he can't capture HDMI from his
DVD player. Generally this will be because they are trying to capture from
a protected 'hollywood' movie. However if they were to put a home made DVD
in the device they would indeed be able to capture the video via HDMI.

Q. Can I convert DVI to HDMI with a converter (similar to the bender that
comes with HDLink/Multibridge Extreme) and capture that HDMI video signal
with these new cards?

A. UNLIKELY- as Intensity cards are looking for YUV video and supported
television frame rates and resolution.

This request generally comes from folks looking to take the DVI output of
their computer and convert it to HDMI to be captured as video. The problem
here is that while DVI and YUV share a similar pin out structure they are
not the same entirely, particularly in color space. DVI coming out of the
computer is going to be RGB 8 bit, and HDMI can actually be YUV or RGB. The
'bender' is going to convert the DVI RGB signal to HDMI RGB and technically
so long as you have a video frame rate and resolution (like you would with a
HDLink) you can feed that to most HDMI monitors. However the Intensity
cards can only take YUV video signals and will not be able to take in the
RGB signals (video frame rate and resolution correct or otherwise).

As always if you have any questions about these notes please feel free to
reach out to me at any time.



Dan May
Blackmagic Design Inc

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Blogger mgeldon said...

I have a htpc setup with a projector with vga only. Works fine for dvds/tv, but can I connect the hdmi output of a playstation 3 to this card and view fullscreen in realtime with supported software?

March 7, 2007 at 7:50:00 PM PST  

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