Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Digidesign Pro Tools Multimedia Studio For Sale

How would you like to live and work in one of the more desirable ocean front communitys in the south east ? AValive is selling a turn key Pro Tools HD Studio in Wilmington NC . This Beautiful 1700 Sq Foot Fully Equipped Pro Tools HD Studio For Sale in Wilmington NC is close to Screen Gems Film Studios. This Unit was built custom and includes Floating Floor Control Room ,Vocal booth,Acoustically Treated large room ,lounge area and office, This facility is a perfect project studio and mastering facility and can double as a video set and foley effects facility. built around The Yamaha DM2000 mixing Console and Digidesign Pro Tools HD this facility is one of the most advanced digital recording rooms in all of NC. Price can include Neumann mic sets, DW Drum Kit, Drum Mic Kits ,DM2000 Console ,Pro Tools HD, Panasonic HD Cameras and Much more.

Call for details. Owner Financing is available ofr as little as 3995.00 per month.



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