Friday, February 23, 2007

Verizion Wireless Broadband for my Mac Book

Well I took the plunge to total mobile computing today by trying Verizion Wireless Broadband for my Mac Book. The concept is simple any where I can get VZW's cell phone signal my laptop connects via a USB Modem at around 300K . Now you can add notebook glancing while driving as a no no as well as any where including those funky surfboards with screens people were posting(not) as an option to get to the net. I was never a big wireless mooch at the coffee shops etc since I like my time away from the screen to be more social. I do find this helpful when traveling and between job sites when I don't want to run back to the office to do research.

I looked at the options and Sprint is very slow here and Cingular is coming with 3G they have no connection options yet.

I justified it by dropping my DSL and Data Plan on the which I actually come out ahead by about 50 bucks.

Just a little FYI



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