Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Promax Systems Ceases Operations

It is with much sadness I report that Promax Systems has ceased operations. AValive has been a friendly competitor for many years and we have shared the highs and lows of this business together since 1994.

The founder Charles McConathy RIP was instrumental to AValive in the early years giving fatherly advice on how to deal with the issues of running a multi millon dollar company that emerged within a years time span and with out his advice we probably would never have made it to what we are today.

Dan Hatch was the underling who later emerged to take over Promax after Charles death and continued the spirit of helping others who were of like minds, always willing to do what ever it took to get the job done.

I will be in New Orleans this week where ironically was the first of many trade shows Promax and AValive shared booth time together and I will be sure to lay a flower in the Ole Mississippi in their honor.

From Promax.com

ProMax Systems, Inc. has ceased primary operations but continues to satisfy the immediate and short term needs of its valued customers. We are in negotiations to transition the primary operations to a 3rd party so relationships with our customers and vendors can continue. We are confident the new ProMax will emerge stronger with the same commitment to excellent products and service that you have come to expect from a name you trust. An announcement will be sent as soon as the transition plan is completed. Thank you for your business which we have worked hard to earn.


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