Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Convergent Design Nano Flash Shipping!

The Convergent Design nanoFlash is hot! The world’s smallest, lowest-power HD/SD recorder/player is clearly a home-run. This palm-sized wonder records stunning video at bit-rates up to 220 Mbps (I-Frame-Only, 4:2:2 full-raster) or 100 Mbps XDCAM 422 onto affordable Compact Flash media . Near universal NLE support (FCP, Avid, Vegas and soon Premiere) opens up a wide potential customer base. We encourage our dealers to visit our website, http://www.avalive.com/Convergent-Design/199/0/productList.php for all of the details.

Don’t let the diminutive size fool you, as this baby is feature packed with HD/SD-SDI, HMDI and analog audio I/O. Unique features such as pre-record buffer and over/under crank further separate nanoFlash from similar products. But, it’s the super small size (camcorder mountable) and miserly power (under 6 Watts) that really sets nanoFlash apart and makes it a very useful tool for both studio and field recording applications.

Applications include upgrading tape-based cameras to file-based editing, POV camera recorders, client presentations, video assist, underwater video, SDI switcher recorders, and other high-quality video recording and playback venues, including output to film.

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